Step by step guide to using the One Stop Collection

  1. 1.Remove any Makeup using Makeup Remover on a cotton pad.

  2. 2.Cleanse the skin with a Citrus Cucumber cleanser and water.

  3. 3.Tone after cleansing with Daily Citrus Astringent on a cotton pad.  This product is great when you really want to feel clean.               Also use it throughout the day to clean off any dirt and debris.

  4. 4.Apply ‘Dusk’ Eye Shadow to the lid using the Fluff Shadow Brush.  Start at the lower lid and go to the bone area.  This color works as a  simple one stop color for the lids.

  5. 5.Line your eyes with ‘Pewter’ Pencil.  Feel free to line the top alone or both the top and bottom of the eye.

  6. 6.Use ‘Totally Shy’ Cream Colour on your cheeks.  It can be blended with a sponge, blush brush or even with clean fingers.  It blends easily and looks fresh and natural.

  7. 7. You can also add ‘Totally Shy’ Cream Colour to your lips for a touch of color.

  8. 8.When you’re looking for a little shimmer and moisture on your lips add Cupid Lip Patina.

Now you’re ready for whatever the day has in store!